How refreshing . . . actual prices shown.. No confusing forms to fill out, or worse yet, no pricing at all, so you then have to call. Let’s be honest – if our rates aren’t in your budget, we’ve saved both of us time.

Rates start at $700 for the off season. Depending on your actual date, location, and total number of hours needed, your rate may increase from those shown here. If you want an EXACT QUOTE quickly, fill out our form and you will receive a quote within (24) hours or sooner.

May through October – $850
November thru April – $700
Weekday events – call for pricing.
DISCOUNTS: $100 off the above for the following: School events, Fundraisers, Benefits, or any bride or groom who is actively in serving in the military.

Need a place for your event or reception? – Check out our TWIN CITY RECEPTION SITE GUIDE.

Deposit: $250 on our DJ service or Jukebox rental. We accept credit cards.

The KITCHEN SINK Package: This one includes EVERYTHING. (8) hours of music coverage. (5) hours of dance music, and (3) hours of dinner music. You select the actual DJ you want. $250 deposit required. This is a fantastic deal! Only one KS package offered on each date. No other discounts with this package.
Saturdays May through October – $1195
Fridays and Saturdays November thru April – $1095

Our standard rates above (and the Kitchen Sink Package) always include the following:

  • Two hours of background music and four hours of dance music. (Standard)
  • Three hours of background music and five hours of dance music. (Kitchen Sink)
  • Adult, tuxedo attired DJ with at least (9) years wedding related experience.
  • Your own online wedding planner account. Easy and fun to use.
  • Extensive MP3 library with CD backup. You create your own playlist.
  • Three speakers with sub, LED and laser lighting with wireless microphone.
  • Exceptional customer service. Working with us is stress free.
  • No hidden charges or confusing equipment upgrades.
  • Mileage included within the Twin Cities metro area.
  • Setup of equipment 1.5 hours before the start of dinner music.
  • No mandatory gratuity, it’s your choice.

Extra Dance Music (after first four hours):

  • $60 for each additional half-hour,
  • $120 for each additional hour

Extra Dinner Music (after first two hours):

  • $45 for each additional half-hour,
  • $90 for each additional hour

“Big Al” – A GREAT alternative to a DJ

We offer a great 40s Bubble tube style Jukebox for rent for events needing music without a DJ.
Click “Big Al” to find out more about this option for those on a limited budget, or just wanting something unique and different. Prices range from $495 to $695, half the cost of a photo booth, but twice as much fun!

Note: Prices are subject to change without notice. Requesting a specific DJ will increase your cost $80. Prices do not include gratuity, that’s up to you. We do charge mileage outside the Twin Cities metro area.
Any reception site that is not handicap accessible or located in either downtown, add $60.00.

If you want a Craigslist DJ, or the rookie/friend who will be practicing at your event, we’re not for you. Contact us if you have questions or would like to work with Jukebox Express for your event.