Through out all our years of business, one thing has always remained the same, our high customer satisfaction rating. Why? One reason: our DJ staff. Mature, poised, enthused, experienced, positive, on time, and well dressed. These are some of the common adjectives used in describing any of our staff. We feel it’s important for a new client to be able to actually view our staff and get some real information about us.

If you’re shopping for a DJ service, and there are no pictures, history, length of service, etc. about their staff, then how to you know who you’re getting? It’s the most important item of all when you hire a DJ service, so this information should be offered to you. If not, there may be cause for concern.

We are recommended by many of the best banquet managers. They know we will work with them, that we’re respectful, that we always walk through their door with a positive “can do” attitude.

When you hire Jukebox Express, your event will be in the hands of a mature adult who is there to do whatever it is you ask. We are always professional, courteous, on time, and will work with your other vendors to ensure a successful event for you.