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Yeah, we had a blast tonight. The dancin’ was awesome. They, uh, Jukebox Express really catered to our needs and, they were, uh, very gracious in asking us what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it…and the timing of everything, they were very courteous and always asked us first and, uh, we really appreciated that. and it was one of the things that drew us to…to Jukebox Express, we were talkin’ to a few DJ’s and we just felt like Jukebox Express really paid attention to us and our needs and they focused on us and they were very professional and the way that they handled the …the whole process of being hired as DJ’s and, I guess, courting us you might say and we really appreciate their business and we had a great time dancing tonight
Yeah. And we loved it and people are still dancing, so we need to get back to the dance floor!

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