Can we select our DJ?
Yes. If you know of someone on our staff that a friend or relative had at their reception, call us with the date of their event and we can check which DJ they had on the night of their reception.
If you request a specific DJ, there is a $80 request fee to select that actual DJ. Most couples feel this is a small amount to pay to guarantee a specific DJ at their reception and remove the factor of “who will be our DJ?” If you have no particular preference, one of our staff will be assigned to your show about 15 days in advance. You don’t have to select someone, it’s just an option we offer that most DJ services don’t or can’t. NOTE: All of our staff DJs have at least (10) years of experience or more. Try and find that at any of the large DJ companies.
Keep in mind: Embarrassing antics and bad behavior are the number one reasons why couples want to select their DJ. They’ve been to other receptions where the DJ was inexperienced, unprofessional, and the end result is disappointment. That doesn’t exist with us. Our staff is trained. There is a Code of Ethics in place. Our DJs are professional, dressed in tuxedo (or other attire if you prefer), follow your song requests, and make announcements in a pleasing manner. We don’t have teenagers working for us. Our average staff age is 35, which is much older than the industry standard age of 20-22 years old.
Can we come out and see you in person?
You can view our DJs at actual weddings on our web site, and get even more feedback about each of them via our profile book if we meet. We will go over our wedding forms, discuss any special needs or requirements that you may need. None of this can be done when listening to a DJ at a stranger’s wedding.
How do you keep track of all of our details?
For those that like to go online, we will create your own personal “online” account via our web site which has forms and other tools that will convey to us everything we need to know about your reception. Couples really enjoy this benefit. You will have access to our music library database which is linked to a site where you can listen to each song beforehand if needed, you can list everyone in your wedding party, and much much more, all at your convenience.
Do we tip your DJ, and if so, how much?
At Jukebox Express, our policy is to tip what you feel the DJ has earned. Most couples tip us, especially if they are more than pleased with the DJs efforts. Some DJ companies now add a predetermined gratuity (18-20%) so you MUST tip the DJ no matter how good or bad they are, up front. Some competitors don’t tell you about adding their mandatory gratuity, and quote you a price without it, then send their contract to you, and now the price has just increased by 20%! Avoid ALL DJ services who do this unethical practice. This is not the proper way to do business. We let you decide the amount, based on your satisfaction with our service. Most couples realize tipping is the correct thing to do, especially if our DJ did an outstanding job for you.
Will you play our music if we bring it?
Absolutely. Anything off of CD (burned or store bought) or via your iPod. It’s best to put a Post-It Note on each CD to let us know which songs you want us to play. We will make sure they’re returned to you at the end of the night. We can import MP3 files if needed. We utilize Macintosh computers, along with a dual CD player as a backup source in every sound system.
What if we want additional time after the four hours?
Not a problem, as long as it’s okay with the facility manager. Just let our DJ know at least 15 minutes before the scheduled end of the evening if you want to extend your dance time. An additional half-hour is $60.00 or a full hour is $120.00. (These prices are subject to change.) We don’t believe in charging you for extra time unless you request it.
When is the balance due?
A personal check is required (8) days before your event. We do accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express the week of your event, or you can bring a Cashiers Check the night of the event if you prefer. Better DJ services don’t ask for a large deposit to hold a date. They haven’t done anything other than minor paper work. There is no need to leave so much of your hard earned money upfront. You are welcome to make payments also if you prefer.
Do we carry liability insurance?
Yes, we have a two million dollar policy that insures us at every venue we perform at. Many hotels and banquet facilities will not allow a DJ service to perform there without this insurance, so make sure whoever you hire is insured for personal liability. The part time hobby DJ, Craigslist DJs, and many full time DJ companies do NOT carry liability insurance. Beware.
Why don’t we just use our i-Pod and save money?
Many couples have done this, but before you do, please consider what you will have to do and the cost involved. When you consider the cost of the i-Pod, speakers, time to load the music, and that someone still has to run it, you may have spent more that the cost of a reputable DJ service. And then you still have no one to coordinate any announcements, introductions, blessing, toasts, first dance, father-daughter dance, bouquet toss, the list goes on and on. Most guests seldom stay past dinner with an i-Pod reception.

Most banquet and venue managers will not be excited to have you go this route. They know bar sales will be much less than with a good DJ. Guests leave much earlier with iPod music. The venue loses money. Chances are very good that there will be no magical moments of your dance to share years later. Is this really worth saving a few hundred dollars on your overall wedding budget, especially when the music portion of your wedding budget is one of the smallest parts of your budget.

What happens if we aren’t happy?
We will do everything humanly possible to make your reception successful. FACT: We have never missed a show in (6000) plus events in twenty eight years. We ask that if you are unhappy with something during the course of your reception, that you let the DJ know so he can correct the situation immediately. We don’t require final payment until the end of evening, and that’s based on you being pleased with our service. Our satisfaction rating with couples is one of the highest in the industry, but sooner or later we all deal with a dissatisfied customer, and how you handle these complaints is the true test of a reputable, quality service. We listen, we care, we try extremely hard to please every customer, including you.

It’s all about you. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that is charged with emotion, and your DJ service will be responsible for making this event both entertaining and memorable. A good wedding DJ actually serves as a catalyst to help your guests entertain themselves. To connect with your guests, the DJ must watch for details both on and off the dance floor, plan effectively and personally with you, the bride and groom, and most of all listen to your ideas, preferences, questions, and concerns. It’s all about you, from the first phone call to the last dance.